Scientists with Cool Names #24: Dr. Ngaio Beausoleil

I think one of the interesting side effects of being in New Zealand during Covid-19 is that people are looking closer to home for everything – at least in Aotearoa, where we’re in a small Covid-free bubble of our own. So here’s another homegrown scientist!

Dr. Ngaio Beausoleil also works at Massey University, but unlike me at the artsy Wellington campus, she’s on the agri nexus of New Zealand, Palmerston North. I found out about her work while researching for my suspended Herdr project, and have continued to be in awe of her research output quality and volume.

A ngaio is a lovely kind of tree endemic to Aotearoa. It looks like this:

She shares the same given name as Ngaio Marsh, New Zealand’s Agatha Christie.