Here are some samples of student work from across the years. For some personal notes, please check out some testimonials.

Massey University

At Massey University in Wellington, NZ, I was both Programme (Department) Lead and Senior Lecturer. The majority of my work there was setting up a new department in Screen Arts (animation, film, VFX, games, creative technology), including a vast amount of academic development. For more information, please check out the department website.

Courses I directly taught included:

  • Animation I
  • Game Development I
  • Game Development II
  • Game Development III
  • Intermedia
  • Cross-media
  • Visualisation for Media Production
  • Working with Scripted Material
  • Game Production
  • Production Planning and Development
  • Major Project Development
  • Portfolio and Dissemination

For any given year, there were 12 - 18 student capstone teams, each team compromising 8 - 18 students. My role was to shepherd those projects through ideation, development, preproduction, production, postproduction, and delivery. Each team self-formed, and worked with a staff mentor. The projects below are ones in which I was also the mentor.

Best Awards

A lot of our projects were nominated or received awards from the Best Awards, the regional annual design competition.

Brought to you by The Designers Institute of New Zealand, The Best Design Awards is an annual showcase of excellence in graphic, spatial, product, digital and motion design along with three special awards - Value of Design, Public Good and Toitanga.

You can find more samples from our programme on their website, including Blume, The Train of Many Stations, Night Lights, and Smoke and Mirrors.


Black Channel

Silver, Best Awards

Sometimes you get a student team that you just have to get out of their way. This team created an amazing demo, worked together seamlessly, and did it in style.

BlackChannel BlackChannel

Midnight Snack

Silver, Best Awards

A charming demo, using a balance platform as player input. Working with a local physical therapy startup, Swibo, the team overcame the challenges of custom input and APIs to make something special.


Programme Reels



Finalist, Best Awards

This was a little project that could – a tiny team, completely dedicated to an ambitious project to create both a framework for childrens’ game delivery, and a selection of sample games.

Hans & Tweet

Finalist, Best Awards

Another tiny team achieving a lot. This project was a 2-person stop-motion project completed in one year.

HansAndTweet1.jpg HansAndTweet2.jpg

Return to Fable Grove

Psychological horror film with puppets? Sold.


2019 was the first year of students that graduated from the degree I helped to create, so it has a special place for me. The works from this year were proof of the success of the degree, and demonstrated the potential yet to reach.

Lance, What Have You Done

Gold, Best Awards

As a faculty, we would discourage solo teams for capstone projects. But this one we couldn’t say no to.


Gold, Best Awards

Kiwis Can Fly

Programme Reels


Programme Reels

Art Institute of Portland

For AIPD, I taught the following courses:

  • Internet concepts
  • Image manipulation
  • Advanced image manipulation
  • Web animation
  • Digital ink and paint
  • Introduction to game development
  • Game design and play
  • Level design
  • Advanced level design
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Game preproduction
  • Game production team
  • Advances game production team
  • Senior studio

In addition, I led the game development capstone projects, year-long team-based projects culminating in a game demo. These projects usually had 25 - 35 students, and carried them all the way through the game development pipeline.

These samples are sparse, it’s been a while!


Super Thrust Busters


Cleaver Fever



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