Beyond Erotic, Future Forward, October 2014

This summer I was contacted to participate in a group show, called “Beyond Erotic”. The show description read:

By using elements of sexuality or the erotic, artists face challenges when communicating other ideas through this lens. Likewise, the viewer is presented with the challenge of reading through layers of eroticism and sexuality to encounter concepts like humor, social commentary, personal choice, subversion of expectations, and to question the ascription of taboo. In Beyond Erotic, artists present evidence of these challenges and ask viewers to participate in a conversation through media including video game technology, painting, drawing, photography, tableau, performance, writing, humor, and automated sex phone chat. I was initially invited to show my “Controller” piece, but was also asked to create something new for the show. Going with the theme of the show, I created a phone sex line.

Yup. Called “SexPRIME”.


SexPRIME, while ostensibly some strange throwback to 1993’s heady mix of pay phones, Photoshop type effects, and loose morals, is an exploration of self-identification, safe and unsafe spaces, and cultural restrictions on identity. It is entirely not erotic, in case you were wondering.

It can still be called at: 877-989-9091.

And yes, it’s free to call. Honestly.